Sarkozy’s Fault

by Circle or Line

Did Sarkozy’s far-right rhetoric fan flames of ethnic hatred?
– UK Independent

… as for the tragedy in France, it does not say anything about Islam, only of human nature and its potential for evil. All that matters ultimately is that three innocent children, a father and three young soldiers are now dead.
– UK Telegraph

The first to say what was on everyone’s mind was not the Socialist challenger François Hollande but the centrist François Bayrou. He said the killings were the product of a sick society, with politicians who pointed the finger and inflamed passions. No prize for guessing whom he was talking about. Nicolas Sarkozy’s lurch to the right has included such claims as there being too many immigrants in France, and that the French were secretly ingesting halal meat.
– UK Guardian

A senior French official says that authorities have no evidence that al-Qaeda commissioned a gunman to commit a killing spree that left seven dead. The official, who is close to the investigation into gunman Mohamed Merah, told The Associated Press that there is no sign he had “trained or been in contact with organized groups or jihadists.”
– USAToday

… despite the fact he was, for some completely bizarre and ineplicable reason, on the US no-fly list.

The Muslim faith has nothing to do with the insane acts of this man. Before targeting Jewish children, he targeted other Muslims.
– President Sarkozy

Pamela Geller:

He targeted Muslim soldiers in the French army. They were not fighting for jihad. They were fighting for the infidel — that’s why they were targeted. Because they were apostates in the eyes of devout Muslims. Mohamed Merah was killing French soldiers, and according to authentic Islamic teaching, the worst kind of traitor, the Muslim French soldier.

French jihad enters stage two. Jewish children slaughtered, rabbi killed in cold blood, and what’s the response from the Muslim community? Expunge the quran of its genocidal texts that command Jewish blood? No. Instead, infidels are warned, admonished, and the ummah is fraught with worry over — get this — “anti-Muslim backlash.” I am having 911 deja vu all over again.

Jihad Watch:

We see it again and again: every time there is a jihad attack or a foiled jihad plot, the mainstream media focuses attention on the poor victimized … Muslims, churning out story after story about a backlash that never actually materializes, and thereby attempting to shift focus away from jihad mass murder and onto the Muslims as victims, needing special protection and deserving to be exempt from especial scrutiny.

Does anyone fall for this nonsense anymore? Oh, yes, they certainly do.

“French Muslims fear post-Toulouse repercussions,” from EuroNews, March 21 (thanks to Answering Muslims):

France’s five-million strong Islamic community fears it may be subject to repercussions after it emerged the main suspect in the killing of seven people – including three young children – was Muslim.

In Toulouse itself, the message was one of tolerance.

“There are issues between Arabs and Jews,” said one man. “That’s not good. On earth we’re the same race.”

“Whatever you are, Jewish, Muslim, Arab or anything else, we are all the same blood,” added another.

Many Muslims already feel they are all viewed as potential extremists. In Paris one felt the media had focused on the wrong aspect of the killings.

“What shocked me most was that the victims were children,” he said. “But the media is putting the spotlight more on the fact it concerns Jews and Muslims or for example that a Muslim killed an Arab.”

Another added: “It’s true that tolerance regarding Islam is already greatly reduced. And what’s happening in Toulouse is inevitably going to raise fears.”

A joint appeal by the Jewish and Islamic communities for tolerance has been issued but plans for a joint rally on Sunday have been cancelled.

The West has basically tolerated itself into suicide.

Jerry Philipson:

Merah acted in the name of Islam and felt that the murders were justified by Islamic teachings and exhortations. He was of course correct, because they were and they are. France, and Europe, are full of Islamic Jihadists just like Merah, full of Islamic Jihadists with the same attitude, mentality and beliefs. They are already a serious threat to the safety, security and freedom of Europe’s citizens (especially Jews and Christians) and are becoming more of a threat every day. The fact that Merah felt brazen enough to commit the murders in the first place and in broad daylight in the second is very telling. Islam is fundamentally changing the nature and character of European countries and trying to turn them into Islamic states governed by Islamic law (Sharia) and it is foot soldiers like Merah who are intimidating ordinary citizens into acquiescing. The murders were a warning alright…a warning that Islam will continue to advance at the expense of the continent’s Judeo-Christian heritage and Western way of life, until it is stopped or until it reigns supreme, a warning that it will bring to twenty-first century Europe the same things it has brought everywhere else it has ever appeared…violence, hatred, destruction, misogyny and death.

Unless and until the West remembers itself, and realizes the true threat from the Taqiyya of radical Islam – it is, literally, doomed to death from the inside.

This is the video NYPD Chief Raymond Kelly routinely used as part of his department’s anti-terrorism training. Caving into local outraged Muslims and to a city government weakened by political correctness, Chief Kelly recently issued an apology for showing it:

We must understand that jihadist Islam is not merely a “religion” in the sense traditionally understood in the West. It is, to its very core, substance and essence, a fundamental and thorough system of war for world domination and subjugation of the dhimmis.

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And so, back to Sarkozy.

Sarkozy calls for national unity.

Make up your own mind.