Moving Takahashi

by Circle or Line

Absolutely brilliant piece here.

I see it as a kind of Adam and Eve story. First we have Eve, having lived with the devil incarnate, eating the apple, which was hidden underneath the tree of knowledge of good and evil, in her bathroom. And then Adam, outside, who is also confronted by the serpent, and is also eating an apple. In a ten minute film, perhaps there are no coincidences.

The central scene of course, is the one with the circling camera, which parallels the record playing. Name five. And of course none of them are really, in the end, the true, real reason. None of them.

Just like, in the end, with a work of art, there cannot be any reason, any explanation, that can be verbalized. Why? Because that chair is not for sitting. I totally misread that.

The true, real reason Eve has to live is the fact that Adam is himself an injured interloper – I’m not a mover. I’m no good. I’m robbing you. I just need your bed.

Just like, with a work of art, the only reason is that thing which ultimately robs us of our reasoning capacity. Why would you tell me that? I don’t know. I just like to live in the moment. Well that’s just fucking brilliant.

And so in the end they are no so much kicked out of Eden as they elope out of it – with their moving truck of stolen sculptures, pearls, paintings.

The road is curving and they do not know.

Poor old Mario. He doesn’t get to hear the music.