Speak Softly and Carry a Big Finger

by Circle or Line

Hey speaking of elected officials pointing their fingers at heads of state:



That’s raziz! Oh, wait. It doesn’t count, Obama was just pointing at some Jew.

Speaking of which did these guys ever want to kill each other or what!

Well if you thought that – think again.

See, this guy was on to something. Maybe what those horrible horrible Muslims can’t stand is when some mushy Western metrosexual – i.e. all Westerners – doesn’t use brass knuckles? Like you aren’t even worth fighting? I mean if you grow up in a culture where everything is all about the size of your ball sack you may feign interest in Obama flopping around in Cairo, you may even laugh about it, but inside aren’t you disgusted at actually having to deal with that fembot? I mean for Christ’s sake, might they not actually finally sit up and take notice if someone would just kind of nut up and talk to them like we’re warriors and they’re warriors? “We’re not going to destroy you. But your values are wack and you’re never, ever going to destroy us. Forget destroy – you’re not even going to get us to move. Suck it. Oh and if you lay one finger on us? We’re gonna take you to the woodshed, son.”

Remember Toby? Poor Toby, I always liked him. Drowned like Phlebas the Phoenician in a sea of hopey-feely. Gentile or Jew, O you who turn the wheel and look to windward, consider:

Ya lost Toby. But in our brave new United Federation of Planets the Islamists are going to be the Klingons. I betcha. We just need to wait for them to go from “Heghjaj Harbe’wI’pu’” to “maj chongqu’ tI nguv bey’vetlh” Yes?

Erm … noes?